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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lets consider this blog a "Welcome Back" party. Back from where, you ask? Well you wouldn't really know, since I haven't been updating this, have I? Aha. So, lets start with an update.

What exactly have I been doing since January 1, 2010?
1. Taking pictures.
2. Started a new series titled Ensnare.
3. Was featured in a Valentines day issue of the e-magazine HI-LOW: www.xxxlspace.com/hilow/
4. Continued taking pictures.
5. School, school, school.
6. Took so many pictures that my harddrive has only 5.29 GB left on a 285 GB harddrive.
7. Started using a 4x5 camera in photography class.
8. Created a Tumblr. Deleted a Tumblr.
9. Finally finished my 25 Possibilities project.
10. And now it is the eve of the last day of Spring Break. Sad.

I know you are all so curious as to how I am possibly going to regain my status of "Meager blogger at best" Well, I have an answer for you. Crrr, my BFF, has been doing this project called "The 30 Day Project" (An exciting title, I know.) It is basically where you post a blog every day for 30 days about what these 30 day project people tell you to post.

Anyway. I am going to start on April 1. There are 30 days in April so it's a prrrrfect fit. Then 30 days of mad blogging begin!

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