Day 20, A Hobby of mine

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*A quick note on hobbies--they do not have Hobby Lobby's here in Oregon. The first time I mentioned one people looked at me like I was talking about some unknown disease. Now everytime I am in dire need of craft supplies (which is often as I go to a craft school...) I always say "Well we could go to Hobb... I mean, Michales."

So, a hobby. Oh that's a tough one. I think everything I do I do for class. Drawing, sketching, journaling, collaging, etc.

I like to make little books. I'm taking a bookarts class next year and I'm super excited. I'm not very good right now, obviously, because I don't really know how I just kind of make stuff up.

This is a mini calander! It has old film photos of mine for the pictures :)

And this is a little book I made for someone on Flickr. It has a Valentines day story in it :)

But, sigh, next year when I'm taking bookarts, will it really be a hobby anymore? It'll just be class work.

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