The orthodontist

Friday, June 4, 2010

In 2007 I got my braces taken off. I was made a retainer which I was instructed to wear every night. Of course after a few months I had stopped wearing it completely. Now it's been three years and my old retainers don't fit anymore. In order to avoid the impending doom of wisdom teeth I had to go back to get fitted for new ones. So, off I drove to the orthodontist.

Sitting in that car, in that office, was a very weird experience. My life has changed so much since I was fifteen, it's hard to think about. If I had told my younger self that after high school I would be going to art school in Oregon, and dating Steele Walston... I'd have been very surprised. Thinking about it now, my life now would seem incredibly "awesomeee" even though to the me right now it just seems ordinary. It's an odd thought. I suppose my present will always seem ordinary.

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  1. Finally I was able to follow you here! I couldn't at first because the Blogger navigation bar is missing, so I had to dig through your page's source code, etc. Haha! I just love your photos and the way you write. I met you through Flickr, BTW.

    See you around! :)


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