Why I hate Flickr

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why I hate Flickr:

I hate Flickr because I am exposed to photographers whom I feel I will never be as good as. (I love Flickr because I am exposed to beautiful and inspiring art work.)

Beautiful and inspiring work is not always beautiful or inspiring to me.
It makes me feel shitty. It makes me feel like I am wasting my time. It makes my own work feel pointless, contrived, and cliched. It makes me feel like a dress-up pretend photographer. I see photographs which are simple, in simple locations, with simple lighting, and simple set up. And they are beautiful. Effortless. They make me feel like I should be able to take photographs of equal quality with the life and surroundings I have. This leads me to believe I have A. No passion, B. No drive, C. No creativity or inspiration.

I hate Flickr because I am exposed to girls who are years younger than me and centuries ahead of me in talent. This makes me feel like I should have been doing work as good as them at ages younger than I am. This makes me feel like I have no future in this medium. I feel like I have no direction when I look at others work and they have such a constant skill level and consistent style and aesthetic. I hate Flickr because it exposes me to certain ideals and drills into me certain styles. I hate Flickr because as I shoot I sometimes feel like my ideas are not my own. (I love Flickr because it gives me motivation to shoot.) I hate Flickr because I always end up comparing my work to others.

I hate Flickr.

Now I know what you are going to say to me:

1. Your photography is just as good as theirs.
2. You have all the time in the world to grow!
3. I love you.
4. Your photography is beautiful.
5. You ARE creative.
6. You're not supposed to have a style yet.
7. Blah.
8. Blah.
9. Blah.

(This wouldn't be a rant if I wasn't grumpy.)

If you were thinking of saying to me anything along the lines of 1-9............... Just know that I will still feel shitty afterwards. In fact, I will feel even shittier.

The only way I will possibly feel better is if I have a hot steamy kiss. As Steele is the only person who can give me this, you all may as well give up.


  1. Flickr makes me feel the same way almost constantly. But eventually I shake my head and realize hey I got into one of the most prestigious art schools in the US and photography is my life and I know I'll be making photographs for the rest of my life. And I don't care what anyone else thinks because photography makes me who I am.

  2. Seeing YOUR work makes me feel the way you are feeling now. Reality is screaming in my face " You will never be able to make a career out of this! You will work at Pizza Bella for the rest of your life!"

  3. I'm so thankful that I've subconsciously fallen off the Flickr train. My pictures used to be fueled only by posting them on Flickr. It was so stupid.
    I understand what you mean about having certain styles drilled into you. It made me think that to be good and liked, I had to take these certain types of photos. Last year I realized the photos I am most happy taking.


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