A sunny day in Portland

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I took my camera and a notebook and went out to a park. This is what came of it...

All of these were shot with medium format Kodak chrome film. The text is my handwriting, scanned and imposed in Photoshop.

(For my final project in photo)


  1. These are beyond lovely. I am always enthralled with your processes and the evolution of your photography. These pieces are incredibly intimate, seducing, yet secretive and limited. They're very reminiscent of polaroids and of the film "The Virgin Suicides" (atleast for me). I would love to owe prints of either the first or last images.

  2. love them! love how soft your photos are! very dreamy

  3. i could be anywhere, i am everywhere.... neti neti, tat tvam asi!!!


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