Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm playing a little game. It's called "Try to do something meaningful."

I'm exploring a concept: Inside/Outside.



(Click to make them bigger.) Above are my notes from yesterday before I went out shooting. You see the little sketch of my proposed image? Yes, there it is. I was thinking: Outside, in nature. Inside, myself.

Here is the image I ended up with:

The text is taken from the paragraph I wrote and posted two days ago. Which I think relates to this whole Inside/Outside idea quite nicely. I was going to start working on a new idea today, a new word or phrase, but I think I might keep working on this one, there's more, I can feel it.


  1. Mmmmm, this game may be so dangerous as Jumanji, (and the image yielded something so high and happy as Robin Williams' freedom, hehe). Brrr, the execution of the concept is so well done; all the words in your notes (especially the four you picked out) are so clear in this... Mmm, Brr. :)

  2. If someone didn't know we were best friends they would think you were a really really big fan of mine.

  3. Who took extreme liberties, what with the risk of offending you with my somewhat silly Jumanji reference, hehe.

  4. Yeah. Robin Williams really offends me, actually!


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