Something from my journal: August 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shooting color film is like time travel. I shoot these images into this metal box and they are stuck there, little particles of time. then when I choose to get them developed, I wait for an hour, and I am handed an envelope and I open it up and I am in the past. I am staring at my hand but it is my hand from yesterday or I am looking at a sunrise in Utah which is stuck in my past but now here I am holding it in my hands, a little 4x6 print of the past. I know that digital is the same, but it's so different. There's no time gap with digital, no time for me to forget. But with film I forget all these little moments. I forget what the light looked like or if there were any shadows or I even forget what I am photographing entirely.

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