Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blue signifies sorrow. Not necessarily just sadness, but a deep aching rich feeling. The feeling that you have lost something, or that you are trying too hard to hold onto something. I chose to represent this with hands, for what expresses more sorrow? We clutch when we feel nervous, clench when we feel anxious, try to find something, anything, to hold onto. Or we let go and resign ourselves.

8 scanned cyanotypes, my most recent photography project. These are hand coated sheets of paper. Coated with Ware Cyanotype solutions, which is basically made up of some chemicals that have very scary names. They are 100% unique every time. It is not a forgiving process and these are by no means perfect. But I am pleased with them, mostly because I don't believe they would be as successful printed any other way but this. They are 5x5 inches in real life, and if you are around OCAC and want to see them, just say Hi.

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  1. such nice hands and such nice photography. when combined you can RULE THE WORLD


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