A story I wrote, about a memory from years ago.

Monday, January 23, 2012

When I was still living with my parents, I had the most wonderful space heater. My mom still has it, actually. It's the kind where two bars get red-hot behind a grate, no hot air, just those bars. It was brown. It is brown.

Here's a story:

My ribs are aching, with pain, the middle of the night. What has happened? I am in my bed holding my side, curled up, overwhelmed with pain, and I must fall asleep. I wake up with my ribs stinging and clouds in my head. What has happened to my body? I have a wisp of a memory of crouching up out of bed and falling on my heater, bruising myself. I was overtaken with something, an urge to move, and I fell. I fell and now something tender is blooming under my ribcage. And I am aching with pain.

(*unrelated photo, empty spaces)


  1. Sadly that heater is dying, currently its in a heater coma and i'm not sure if it will ever turn back on

  2. It is not dying, just takes some naps sometimes. I got it working while I was there!

  3. oh but it is dying. it must miss you.


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