Good Things (Video Stills)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

So today, I was feeling pretty cranky. I put my Mamiya on a stool with my small handheld video camera pointing into the viewfinder, and aimed it at a chalkboard in the Drawing room. And I hid record, and walked over and stood there and thought about what to write. I had this whole board, this empty room, a camera. 

But instead of writing something angry, something frustrated, I decided to write this list. Good Things. So now I can step back a few paces and see that my day wasn't crappy. It was full of tiny little things. And I choose to remember the tiny good things. 


  1. glad to see i can make you glad... unfortunately in the video it looks like it says steelers fan for a second before you start writing...and thats not cool

    1. I don't even know what sport the Steelers are. ;)

    2. google it...or dont ya know whateves


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