Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today was a lovely day. I got to laser cut something for one of my internships! These little letters that I layed out on a computer. A laser cut them (burned them, really) out of 1/8" ply wood. It is such a strange thing that I felt so happy and excited by it. Not just to watch an unseeable laser cut through wood, but to see something that I typed up on a computer screen become real. Become something I can hold in my hand. That was an amazing feeling and I was way too happy. Unfortunately, they're not for me to keep, they're for a project that I've been hired to do. (I won't go into detail about it. I might later but this is not the place.) So these little photos are my mementos of today. 

Below are a few shots from the farmers market. Mm. Such rich colors. I also dropped of my third summer 35mm roll off for processing! 

I am filled with happiness. 

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