Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For some reason I like this one where we both snuck in a little bit, even though it was intended to just be our hands (as below) there's something about it that's more interesting to me. We got these adorable salt & pepper shakers at West Elm, on sale. And a matching butter dish. They make me unreasonably happy. I know that it's just stuff, that we would be happy and fulfilled without it, but 
either way we're building a home and it feels really great. 


  1. A wonderful first week of your project, Brittany! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. And if you want any feedback - well I think I liked the article from day No. 5 best until now (we also have a cat which just walked in and is like a family member by now - our daughter named her "Tuna"). But the photo I liked best so far is probably the first one on this day 7. The cropped version is nice, but the first one has a bit more Steele & you - good that you include him as well!


  2. Brrrrr, they are so perfect for your home! They are not just things; they are things in the image of what has been coming from your hand for years. I am so excited for you two!


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