One Week

Friday, June 1, 2012

Steele and I moved into our new apartment last Friday. He left for a week to Colorado the next morning. With my digital camera. So here is a week in phone photographs. These are dear to me.

Tomorrow Steele comes home.

The sky before the worst rain storm, I got caught in it and was soaked in seconds.


New air plants in their bag on the way home.

Kitchen nesting.

My cupholder. 

I installed a closet rod, albiet crookedly.

A mobile I made from below.

Coffee with Molly and Shelbee.

Cloud mobile from afar.

From below in the day time, happy.

Our bed with the Lances.

Moving feet.

SE 10th & Market.

I'm very happy to have captured this.

The sky, dusk.

River city.

The Willamette. 

Flying hair.

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