Monday, July 9, 2012

I was in our studio, reading my book, and I felt like I could hear Scottish bagpipes. My senses told me they were far away, but my brain told me I was silly. Soon after I left to go on a photo walk. I walked towards the little woods and there they were clear as day: Scottish bagpipes. And so I was treated to a concert under the trees. 

Here's what happened though. I set up my tripod. I started talking pictures and my feet got wet and slipped around so I took my sandals off and was running back and forth in my bare feet. Time passed. The sun set and the air turned to cool liquid around me.  

And it was only when I was walking home that I realized the bagpipes had stopped some time earlier. My lens opened and focused the light, and focused my senses. And everything else fell away. The only things that existed were in front of my camera.

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  1. I always feel so ... ordinary after reading your words and viewing your images. this is wonderful in both contents.

    (where the real Portland is ... lol)


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