Thursday, July 26, 2012

This was taken on a cliff in Anacortes, WA. Here I'm standing at the top of it, but you could walk down through rocks and grass and get to the very edge, and look out at the bay. Water almost surrounding you. I really liked it up there. It felt like taking a huge inhale. 

And I love this image :) It's so dramatic, but I loved standing up there with Steele. This was taken in the morning. We had gone up here previously the night before, and it was rainy and cloudy and Steele and I stood just like this and little pinprick raindrops hit my cheek and mouth. 

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  1. You're photos are so inspiring, I've been secretly following your blog for nearly a year now, I always look forward to checking your blog daily. Today I was bored to tears at work thus I went through all your photos on flickr. Look forward to your future posts and work.

    P.S Don't ever cut your hair ! It's so nice long :)


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