Saturday, July 28, 2012

We went camping at Soda Lake. Every time I do something like this, go somewhere that is really beautiful, I tend to beat myself up afterwards for not taking more photos. One thing I hate about Flickr & the photography I encounter there is that it makes me feel like I have to do some fashion-esque type photo shoot. 

The truth is that I woke up this morning in a tent. When I stuck my head outside it was foggy and chilly and Steele and the boys had gone off so I was alone. I went and sat on a rock on the lakeside and I could pretty clearly picture the photographs I could take. I could wade out into the water and take a picture there. If I had, I would probably be pretty pleased with myself. But I didn't. Because I wanted to be still. And because it was cold, and I wasn't wearing glasses yet. That's it. Hopefully I don't regret too much all the images that I could have made. 

For now, here it what's committed to my hard drive forever:

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  1. You take really beautiful candid shots. They capture the moment with much more essence than any pre-planned photo could. One of the reasons I drifted away from photography was because I had started viewing life 'in frames'. I felt like it was blocking me from really experiencing things in the moment. Dave and I had this debate today, revolving around buying underwater equipment to capture whatever moments we see in Maui, and I kept coming back to..."or...we could just experience it." Sometimes those memories are far better.


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