Monday, August 13, 2012

I left my keys at Alis house this morning and was stuck outside my apartment. Luckily I got them back. I went to school to scan a bunch of film, and was carrying them around with me to get into our studio. Keys are so strange. They're just little unrecognizable things that let you into all these neatly separated parts of your life. House. Mail. Studio. Parents house. Bike. Like a little ring that holds everything important to me on it. 

How often do you get all of those things on one little ring? 

I did these images with the scanner at school. I'm really pleased with the weird distortions that happened because of my slight movements. They are strange and real. I like what happens when I don't have a camera. Also, when I have to problem solve. I was just going to do a straight-up scan of them, but thought about it and realized putting an image of my keys probably wasn't the smartest idea considering how open I am about my life on this here internet. So I decided to dangle them down and I'm way happier with the images. 

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  1. Phenomenal scans. And hands always tell us so much, while telling so little of the subject.


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