Friday, September 21, 2012

I went to bed yesterday with the idea that I would make today special because it is day 100. This 365 feels very different from my last 365. It is a lot more low key, I am not striving towards some high standard I've built up for myself, I am just here and trying to document things and push myself. Not push myself to create some masterpiece of a photo, but push myself to be aware of why I'm doing things and what I like and to be true to that. I think in the past I've been concerned with something a lot different than being true to that.

So, all of that to say, I have three very different types of images to put in this post. But I took all of them. They're all things that I like.

Today felt like fall again. The skies were grey again and I got to sleep in late and I woke up and put my glasses on and made banana pancakes (I made just enough to pour two which is about the cutest thing to mix up.) and coffee and watched some TV in the fluffy blankets Steele and I left on the couch last night. 

Grey skies just make me want to curl up, in a good way. And then I go outside and the air is so damn crisp and enlivening. 

This sight makes me so incredibly happy. It makes me want to sink into the ground. It feels like home. 

This is my favorite song right now. It's the perfect wide-sky song. Youth, by Daughter All of their songs are amazing, actually. I highly suggesting going to youtube and having a listen. 

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