Monday, September 3, 2012

Well, today I didn't take any pictures. Surprise, surprise. I haven't been feeling very inspired the past week and have pretty much been neglecting all the areas of my life that I want to cultivate, and have been feeling a little neglected myself. Tomorrow is the last day of summer and I really hope by the end of it my head is clear and my heart is in a good place because right now, I feel a little tangled up. A little defensive, a little apologetic, a little angry.

I think I've been psyching myself out with this blog a little. Zero comments (for the most part although I am very grateful to the few of you who do comment) and yet I know people are out there reading it, and I have a terrible habit of taking things so far back that I don't even say them. Feeling that I'm not justified in saying them. I guess if I want this blog to be a true record of this year, of my thoughts and emotions and images, I can't censor it. So I won't. This blog isn't a diary. But I want it to be honest. I know it's probably not good blog strategy to talk about your blog resolutions, but the truth is, I think about this blog. And I don't have a strategy. I'm just here.

Because I don't have picture for today I will send you back in time. Here was the image for my first 365, fours years ago. Four years ago I was sitting on my bed in Colorado, in a house with a basement bedroom, playing with a point and shoot camera and somehow getting surprisingly good focus. Four years ago I was wearing a red shirt and a red bra, although you can't see that from this, I remember. Four years ago I spent the day laughing a lot, according to my caption, but I don't remember what I laughed at or how I spent my day.

But honestly, how ridiculous would the word blog sound if you were from a few decades ago? 


  1. Extremely ridiculous. Personally, I believe on blog karma, and it's worked for me in the past, so pay it forward and keep creating but for no one but yourself.

  2. I recently read a post by a friend of mine, Lisa Congdon, explaining why she didn't allow comments on her blog. She had a good point in that she had attached the value of her blog to the number of comments, that it was having a negative effect on the way she felt about her work as an artist. I try my very best not to do that, although it is difficult when we look forward to feedback from others. Create for yourself, and trust in your heart that as long as you love and believe in your work, others will too. Personally, your photography catches me at the heart...it makes me draw my breath in, pinching inside of me, falling in love. I am constantly amazed at your perspective, your bravery, and your skill.

    1. It's not so much that I attach the value of my blog to the amount of comments, but that fact that I know quite a few people read but read it silently, and it's strange that so much of me goes out into the world un acknowledged.


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