Monday, September 3, 2012

Rubes and Matthew

My friend Matthew is leaving tomorrow, not coming back to Portland. He is a person that has been in my daily life the past two years and it is bittersweet to see him go. I've been thinking about it a lot about people leaving my life. Right now the past two years are the most important things and so him leaving seems monumental, but I know that in time, two years will be a small part of my life. 

I guess I'm not good at keeping up with people and never have been. I feel like tomorrow will be the last time I ever see him or talk to him. That is sad, but I am also happy for the way he is living his life. 

He's the kind of guy who cheers me up when I'm in a funk, a no-nonsense kind of way about him. Yet at the same time, is the kind of guy who jars dead moles and slang talks to you and laughs his high laugh all day. The kind of guy who makes me coffee and gives me Oreos to dip in it. Who runs across high way traffic to reclaim my gifted Ecuadorian blanket. Who wears denim aprons all season long. Who has sweet still moments of thoughtfulness and who has a whole life behind him and an entire huge life ahead of him. 

This is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken, of Matthew on a camping trip we took last summer.

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  1. he's the kind of guy who is and will always be... you're best friend. solid. like a rock.


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