Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two little halves of one little tomato. 

Today was the most heartwarming ever. 

It went like, wake up with Steele cuddles. Walk to TJs to get bacon, come home and make breakfast (slightly burnt pancakes, bacon, green smoothie.) Steele turns on football, I make to-do lists in my notebook. I watch football with Steele and then fall asleep and take a short nap. We go out for lunch with our friend Taylor (who we don't see so often) and ride our bikes. Steele buys sexy new pants. We make dinner (pesto pizza with baby tomatoes and garlic) and turn on the Broncos game. Which they proceed to win. Much cheering on my part. (Steele lightly claps.) And I double time it by backing up my laptop at the same time. Plus cleaning up my computer desktop. (Which has a surprisingly good effect on my mood.) Then after we clean our closets and I clean the desk, we do all the dishes and take the trash out and I sweep the apartment. And now we're in bed again and the day will end again with cuddles. 

Typing this all out it seems rather ordinary, but it was a much needed day at home. And it felt special. And positive and motivating. Off to start another school week. 

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  1. ahhh!! i need a day at home w/ my loved one! by which- i do not have :'(


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