Thursday, September 13, 2012

Here is how my day started. With Steele. The morning was silly and sweet and lots of giggles and warmth and feeling very safe.

Here is how my day ended. With friends. 

There was a lot of things in the middle. Most importantly getting my thesis committee (The people who will be advising me about my thesis) locked down and being really excited about it. I also opened a new savings account & I'm going to continue saving money until I decide on a camera to buy. 

I'm excited for life right now. Its a small goal, but by day 100 I'd like to be back on track for this project, doing things I actually care about and inspiring myself. Using my 365 as a way of sketching for thesis. I want to start several small series. Photographing the sky every day is one that I want to focus on. Maybe the same time, or that might not be important. I'll think of other things soon too. 



  1. i like/love both photoooos

  2. i am soooooo glad you got your thesis committee together!


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