Friday, September 14, 2012

Here are two images about shadows and light. 

Things I like today:

Not knowing yourself
The opening up of the library ceiling. (Literally and metaphorically.)

You guys, I really do like the library. Observation of the day. It's quiet and I like to imagine all the little worlds in every single book on the shelf. If all of those worlds in that room are fiction, and all of the people around me are essentially fictional. I am fiction. Or the only non-fictional person in the world. Or not making sense. Nonsensical. (At least I know my words.) 

I am going to make it my job to decided the difference between the library and Powell's. Besides the obvious, duh. Expect another rambling post about fictional worlds and things. 

I can't explain why some words need to be left justified, while on other days I am okay with leaving the justification of my 365 post centered. (Since the images are always centered, when I start typing, the words are centered too.)

Posting every single day makes me less poetic. 

But according to Plato, poetry is crap anyways. 


  1. Hmmm...the difference between the library and Powell's....for me, history, smell and memories. Ghosts of me in my past live in Powell's. It is my comfort spot. Something about it just washes my worries away and leaves me feeling serene.

    And Plato...oh, dear.

  2. the photo of the light on the wooden door is so comforting to me. the softness of the wood, the light bathing the softness. it has a strange sense of security for me. like everything is in it's place.

    and i would always prefers the comforting library holding me rather than the brass chaotic public of powells. books. to me, hold private secrets that are shared.


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