Thursday, September 20, 2012

This morning I walked out of my building with my bike into the fog. The sky was grey and there were little pinprick mists hitting my face as I rode. It was chilly air, but crisp in a good way. I got to waterfront and the water was so serene. So green-grey and the sky was so wide and comforting, blanket like. I was riding hard and the little mists were working hard to stay there. But they burned off around 3, and I peeled off my tights and then later when it got dark it was chilly again and I wished I hadn't peeled off my tights after all. 

It looks like it's fall. Today it's fall and I'd like it to stay that way. I like my grey skies. 


  1. I haven't commented on this blog for a year or more. But every couple of weeks I come back and catch up on your life, Brittany. You're almost like an old-fashioned pen friend who never gets a reply. Love the intensity of your photography. Don't stop.

    B (London)

    1. Thanks for leaving this little blip then. :) Good to hear stuff like this, it propels me forward.


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