Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Today I accidentally left the house 10 minutes early. The bus comes at 7:40, which means I leave at 7:30, but this morning I somehow got it mixed up and thought I needed to leave at 7:20. 

It's strange when the morning walk to the bus is your favorite part of the day. It was foggy and crisp and I thought that the fog would last all the way up the hill to school, but we crested the hill and the skies had turned blue and sun was hitting the tops of the trees. I guess my scarf wasn't necessary. 

Rain is (finally) in the forecast for this weekend and I honestly couldn't be more excited. It feels so dry here and I can't wait to wake up to raindrops. Rain... feels comforting to me. Just like clouds.

I just wish I had a fireplace I could curl up next to. 

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