Monday, October 15, 2012

Today was strange. 

I will give you an account of it, chronologically, because on strange days that makes sense. 

I got up early, but got to school late so I could have time to drink some hot cider and eat a slice of pumpkin bread. I walked to school in the grey misty fog. Rode the bus up, listened to a little Regina Spektor, got up the hill and the little cemetery bowl was filled with fog. And, then, class, the usual. Steele and I took a nap on the couch in his studio. And hour and half long nap on a comfy brown couch, lost time. (Even though, how can an hour and half pressed up against Steele's chest be lost time?) 

I had a thesis meeting with Mark, which was good and there are ideas floating around in my head that I'm sure you faithful blog readers will find out about soon. (Things you might even have to participate in, even though I know all of you are introverts and who wants to admit they even read a blog, anyways?)

Steele and I are watching the Bronco's game right now. Which started off slightly depressing and I became sleepy. The simulated fire place didn't help with the sleepiness. Only now it looks like we might be making a come back. So maybe this will mean good things for my mental state of mind too. 

Maybe my day wasn't so strange after all.

At some point I have to stop measuring my daily happiness by photographs, right? At some point, a day that I spend with Steele, happy, making progress with my ideas, in a rainy city that I love, will have to be enough. Right? Every lost photograph feels like a little wound to my heart. I just have to keep reminding myself, there is more. 

/Rambling over.  

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