Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today I wore my boss bitch boots. (As Ruby called them.) Not unsimilar to these.

I wore them so I could feel like stomping on top of the whole world and be in charge of my own life. It kind of worked. My braid also looked pretty long, so that helped. I felt a little like a boss bitch.

But, I also felt a little bit like Brittany.

Which is to say,

Slightly insecure
       sorta like a polar bear,
       drawing into itself for winter time.
Kinda silly. (Jumping around, not nearly enough smirks.)
And saying utterly ridiculous things, like,
       "What if you could map out your whole life?'
       (It would start small, just one word (Brittany) and grow and grow until you couldn't see the edges and all of the lines crossing all over everything, mapping out every single important thing in your life (and even the not so important things too) and it would stretch into infinity and no matter how far your spread your arms you wouldn't be able to touch the perimeters.)

A little sad, a little broken hearted, and mostly feeling like,
         the sock line from the boss bitch boots.
         is 100% metaphorical.


  1. I have boots like that.

    But they're cowgirl boots. They remind me of where I come from, and what I'm capable of.

    This image draws me in, making me wonder what's within all of the layers. A person, a leg, an arm, boots...I love the investigation of it.

    And the mapping of one's life. Can you imagine, all the strings?

  2. Amazing what boots can do for our mood. I have a pair of redwings that took me across Spain and throughout the Rockies. When I put them on I feel free.


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