Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 140 was October 31st. Which was yesterday. And Steele's 22 birthday. 

Let me tell you a list of all of the reasons I'm glad Steele was born 22 years ago, yesterday. 

1. He wears all black sometimes, usually when I do too. 
2. He gets a little upset when he wakes up late. 
3. He calls his grandma on his birthday, just to talk. 
4. He doesn't like to dress up for Halloween, because it's just not him. 
5. He thinks I look pretty in a backless dress standing under the cloudy sky. 
6. He sings along with the radio most days. 
7. He's got deep inset eyes which cast such beautiful shadows. 
8. His teeth are big. (I mean, really.)
9. He likes shoe shopping. 
10. He warms the bed up for me every night. 

This is what I looked like on Steele's 22 birthday and always will for all time. 

Now here are some snapshot Instagrams, because birthdays are for snapshots as dictated by me. 


  1. When Steele was playing with your braid yesterday, all I could think was...

    I love how much you two love each other.

    It's inspiring and warms my heart.

  2. My beautiful stunning daughter. your beauty is so classic. No wonder Steele loves you so very much. (May I please pretty please have a copy of that photo? A gift perhaps?)

  3. My beautiful daughter. Your beauty is classic. Inside and out. No wonder Steele loves you so much.


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