Friday, November 2, 2012

Today I went flower stealing with Julia and we came upon this red car and this red tree. 

The colors looks so much more vibrant in the rain. And it was raining, drizzling, and dripping from the trees. 

Phil and I were talking about how maybe being a photographer, instead of allowing you to keep all of your memories for all time, allows you to forget them. Because you know, you have this fallback, this moment marker (this photograph) to rely on, and you don't really need to remember every detail, you've got this thing to look at.

You don't really need to remember the way the raindrops collect on the branches of the trees and plop down onto your head at random moments. Or the way the decaying leaves look submerged in rain water. (For the record though, the leaves submerged in water look erie. They are like a little still life preserved in this strangely clear water, and even though I know they're leaves and I know if I stuck my foot in the puddle they would move around, they sort of look two dimensional. In an oddly captivating way.) So maybe if you're a photographer you don't really need to remember how when you cut a branch of red berries of a tree, the tree springs back up and showers you with collected dew drops. 

But of course, I'll always remember this red car and this red tree. 

I saved it for myself. 


  1. i saw phil walking in the rain today downtown. i kind of chuckled to myself, for some reason... it made me smile inside.

  2. I think there is a lot of truth to that thought. I usually stop to take a picture when I am having a heavy moment and I always feel like it releases the feelings. It captures them. But not to tuck them away, it realizes them but then by realizing them and keeping them allows me to let me them go.


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