Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I had a slight panic attack about my sad bank account. 
And, I went to school. And, I went home and made pumpkin bread, and little clay bowls. 

It would have been pretty easy to sit on the couch some more, maybe watch a movie, some TV. 
But instead Steele got home from work (He has a job! It sounds so grown up!) and we went back to school. (To do work, something?) 

And I went into the darkroom (semi-begrudgingly, it's like going into a hole.) and put this plastic spoon on some photo paper, and made some photograms. Purposefully underexposed, they turned out beautiful and erie. Metallic? X-ray? Non-spoon? 

Hallow space. 

Anyways. Making something in the darkroom is like being a magician. Also, I forget how nice being in the darkroom can be. If you're doing it for yourself, no pressure, no critique in the morning. Just a little headphone music in a dark hole, the rhythmic action of agitation, time alone with your thoughts. 

(So, remember: Being in the darkroom is Okay.)


  1. Ooh, Brrrr, these are so beautiful and strange -- hardly there but loud.

  2. Also: ahh! I don't even know where Steele works!


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