Friday, November 23, 2012

And, lastly, today. Friday.

Here was my day:

I woke up late, Steele was still being a sleepyhead and I wanted orange juice, so I went out and got coffee, perused the sales at Urban Outfitters, went to TJ's and picked up a few things, and came back to him on the couch watching football. I of course kicked him off football and we spent the next few hours watching my TV ;)

And also deciding when and where to get our Christmas tree. I am really excited for Christmas. Mmm. Haha. I even put on my Christmas socks last night right when we got home. Hahaha.

Today was 100% normal, really nothing to report. I took some photos with the 35mm. I'm not really sure how to handle that here on the blog. If I wait to get them back I'm so backed up but what's the point of posting every day if I don't have images. Any of you silent readers out there with any ideas, you let me know. I could update this post with images, but who would go back and see them? Ah, I don't know. Oh well.

No poignant closing sentence for you tonight.

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  1. Take a back up photo with instagram? :D Post that and then post the 35 mm later on.


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