Sunday, November 25, 2012

Because I haven't in a while. 

Here's a self-portrait shot in my studio. That big black curtain of hair is, in fact, mine. (Though not black in real life, that's just contrast, people.)

I like this, so simple. 

Today I organized most of my negatives from the past three and a half years. It is really strange to see my life spread out on the floor, dated and chronological. It's strange the improvement, the phases, the little things I forgot or wanted to continue or the things I didn't know were important at the time, but are. Negatives are a beautiful thing. Little pieces of your life saved forever, no pesky hard drives accidentally erasing entire sections of your life. (Of course there's always the natural disasters.)

Even stranger is negatives without light. They are positively ugly without light, this weird plasticky surface that slips and slides and attracts dust. Then, shine light through it, hold it up to the window, scan it, and boom. A world. 

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