Sunday, December 2, 2012

Today Steele & I went Christmas Tree shopping! We went out to Sauvies Island to a tree farm where you can cut your own. This is my (& Steele's) first Christmas Tree away from Colorado. But we're not flying out until the 24th, so we'll get to enjoy it for most of the season. :)

I am a happy and lucky lady. Tree hunting is very exciting, as it were. 

Also I'm really excited to make decorations for it. 

And we had to buy a tree stand, which is another one of those objects that your parents just randomly have sitting around the house. (Or in Steele's case, the garage.) What a strange thing to have to buy.  

Despite looking like I'm going to drop it, I was able to pick this tree up. :) So far that it went out of the frame, which is why I chose this image. (Plus, my hair.)


  1. Beautiful shots and a wonderful, detailed story - one you'll remember forever.

  2. Oh Brittany, your first Christmas tree! (adult away from home tree!) how very exciting! and your hair is so beautiful!


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