183/365 (the story of our fifth anniversary)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yesterday was mine and Steele's fifth anniversary. Five years! *Prepare yourself for some epic mush. (This is mostly for myself to remember.)

Our anniversary really started the night of the 13th. We were the last ones at Mudshark, we cleared everything up, and turned off all the lights, and then went upstairs because I couldn't resist. The upstairs at Mudshark is domed. It is filled with lots of junk and old molds and ceramic dust. It's warm and you can hear the kilns running below. It's sort of magical. So we took some pictures, and walked around semi-reverantly. And then we walked down the stairs, turned off the last of the lights, and walked out of the garage door.

We had decided to go to the midnight premier of The Hobbit, but we had a few hours so we went home for bit, where Steele had put roses in the bedroom and written me the most beautiful letter, and we layed in bed for a while and lit our advent candles for the day.

And then we got ice cream before the movie. (Me and espresso shot float, him a waffle cone with mincemeat pie flavor.) And got to the theater and watched the whole movie, a little exhausted, a little giddy. Even though the movie was really long, it just kept drawing me back in. It was really beautiful. I just read the book a few months ago and there's always a jolt of joy when you see something you read being brought to life. It was wonderful.

Then we drove home and fell into bed exhausted. Steele had to get up early the next morning for a class and I was left alone most of the day. I went up to school and made Steele a print (99 problems but I just need you.) and made him a mix CD of our musical chronicle.

We went out to dinner at a little place called Luce. It wasn't too expensive, but just going out to dinner makes the night feel special. We actually had a 45 minute wait and so we hung out in the car talking about some of our favorite memories from the past five years. And then we got dessert to-go, took it home and curled up on the couch watching a movie. Steele carried me to bed.

And we ended our night again with candles.

I feel so lucky to have a love in my life as patient and quiet as Steele. Quiet in the nicest sense, dead-night quiet. Comfort quiet. Feel it in your bones quiet.


  1. I love that every year you two create wonderful intimate portraits! I always want to do this with my boyfriend, but apparently he does not have the patience that Steele does. Congrats

    1. Steele does have incredibly patience for picture taking! He just knows when I want him to stay still, haha. Although it's probably not helped by me saying "Are you sure you're not bored? Are you SURE?" every five minutes or so.

      Sigh. guess pesky girlfriend insecurities persist after 5 years.


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