Monday, December 31, 2012

Well to be honest this has been a pretty quiet New Years Eve. I came down with a cold late last night and woke up feeling awful. Steele and I have been laying on the couch all day (thanks Steele!) Literally the high point of my day was a trip to the grocery store to buy orange juice and soup. (It was really nice and snowy outside, the snow was so fluffy and falling in slow motion, just kind of languishing down to the ground. And the air was really crisp and cold.) The second most exciting part of my day was taking a shower bath. (In which you take a shower and mid-way through plug the drain so the water starts filling up and you can lay down.)

So I would like to do an awesome 2012 recap post, but my sick-exhausted mind is not up for it.

For now I'm going to go watch a terrible romantic movie, and then go to bed.

There's always tomorrow.

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