Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Colorado is flat so when you're driving it sort of feels like you're not moving at all, in a landscape that stays level all the time. So flat that you can see everything in front of you and it's just like you're connecting the dots, one dot to the next dot to the next dot. The skies are clear and it's sunny and you're in a car, driving, and the sun makes you hot and so you're in a little warm bubble and the snow on the ground is the only indication that the air outside is freezing. The highways in Colorado are spread out in big circles, so that you're constantly driving on a wide arc, around and around. You're always on the horizon line in Colorado. The sky is always spreading, edge to edge. (Until you get up into the mountains, and then you're surrounded by little peaks and snow tipped trees and the swoops of downward hills.) At night, the lights unfurl in front of you and you drive and drive until you're up up up the mountain and coming around the bend to the little group of lights that you call, 'home.'

Happy Christmas everyone.

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