Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Miniature landslides

Crrr tells me that there are so many rocks because there used to be a volcano, 750,000 years ago. Today we drove a little and took a walk. The wind was gusty, and I said, "If someone told you the ocean was over these hills, you'd believe them." It was true, the wind filled your ears, like you were spinning round and round but really you were just standing still. Then sometimes the wind would die down, and everything would be perfectly still. When the wind is blowing you feel very small, because the wind carries on conversations with itself. One side of you, a thousand miles away, talks to the other side of you, a thousand miles in the opposite direction. And you're caught in the middle, tiny. But when the wind dies down the world centers in around you and then you're the only thing there, the whole wilderness exists for you to be sitting on the top of a hill.

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