Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today was the kind of day I moved to Oregon for. Perfectly grey and not too cold and so very fresh smelling, the smell of almost-rain. 

Today was warm and comfortable and then quickly became stressful. I am in the half stages of child and adult and the growing pains are not comfortable. They are made worse by lots of things--A semi-terrible situation, (it's hard for me to say it is completely terribly when Steele and I say hello to the homeless man rummaging through our trash on our way into the building) an expensive art school education, a beautiful one bedroom apartment, a very indecisive mother. I am so grateful for all of the things that I have, and I am trying desperately to be responsible. And to be humble. And to be optimistic. (That's the hard part.)

But of course, my night will end well as it always does, with Steele and late sandwiches and Harry Potter on the TV we are so lucky to have. I don't have it bad at all. 

(On a side note, this post by Nirrimi has made me think a little bit about how honest I've been being here. Not that I've been lying, which is just silly (even though every bit of writing is a little bit fictionalized) but more so that I've been reluctant to talk about the hard parts of things. I hope to change that as I've always hoped to write a blog that was honest.)

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  1. This is something I've been thinking about too. Blogs have become rather commercialized, I think. When I first started mine it was very private, I didn't write much--but it was all coming from a deep well inside of me. I want to get back to that honesty. Despite whether or not people like it.




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