Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some lost remnants of fall

It finally started raining, and then didn't stop. All the fallen leaves were plastered to everything. Car windows, the sidewalk. The leaves on the sidewalk decay and leave dark impressions, leaves don't crunch in Portland. 

This photograph was taken in a ten minute span of time in which the rain became quite heavy. I remember very clearly sitting in my chair, at my typewriter, with a half drunk cup of coffee next to me and the rain light coming through the window and the noise of the rain. The kind of noise like when you cover your ears in the shower, and instead of hearing the water hit the tile, you hear the water hitting you, like it's inside you. 

Steele all dressed up for Thanksgiving in his Thanksgiving sweater, with the pumpkin pie we made for dessert all wrapped up in a pie bundle. It was a sunny day, as Thanksgiving's ought to be. 

And then the pie was in my lap, for the drive over. 

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