Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today things got hectic and lots of progress was made and also some mistakes, mainly not saying a proper good bye to Steele before he went to work, which sounds like not that big of a deal, but is, both personally, and also because he told me some important info that would have prevented another mistake, but since I did not say a proper good bye to him, I did not get said info, and another mistake was indeed made. (Run on sentences are sort of like my brain right now.) Also just shelving a lot of responsibility on my shoulders, and there is even more responsible things that are going to need doing in my near future, and I have a feeling some of them will be placed on the stack growing on my shoulders. Oh yeah, I also started a second job today (Granted it's a work-study job, and only 2 hours a week, but man those hours add up.) So there's that. 

Memory traces.

Some thoughts: 

And what happens when we follow these paths[memory traces]: we begin to build a life. Equipped with a single image and our memories, we can construct an endless narrative. The most meaningless things are noted, and the wildest jumps are made between time, and relationships, and space. This is what’s happening when we look at a photograph. Each image is a whole galaxy in which our autobiographies are contained. 

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