Friday, February 8, 2013

Today was not good.
(Although, it did start out good.)
Somehow it's sad when the best part of your day was the morning. Like at the end you look back across the whole day and doesn't it sort of, just for a split second, feel like a waste?
I know it's selfish to waste a single second, or even worse, to think any second is a waste.

But knowing that doesn't stop me from doing it sometimes.

And it wasn't bad for any reasonable reasons.
For the stupidest of reasons.
Like, sort of feeling like a loser when I walk through the Nordstrom makeup counters. (Even though I left the house feeling like I looked good.)
Like just letting shallow insecurities pull me down a little and a little and a little until I was resting at the bottom of a pool of self pity.

And being stuck at a desk doesn't really help.

Anyways. There are some real, completely ridiculous thoughts. The kinds of thoughts I would delete, but I really do want to be more honest here. And these are the things that sneaked their way into my head and whispered to me all day.

So there you have them.

Just to challenge myself, a list: 

Good things about today:

Steele's hand reaching for mine 
Friends who notice when I'm down
Wavy wrapped headband hair
Big bottle of Orangina


  1. Your 365 days photos are so gorgeous! <3 This year I start the 365 days photos as well :)

  2. Everyone has days like that, they suck but today's a new day.


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