Sunday, February 10, 2013

Steele and I just got back from Art on the Vine, which is the annual art auction that OCAC hosts. Every year each department is awarded a student commission. The student is commissioned to make a piece of art that they then auction off. (The money goes to scholarships.) This was the piece that I made.  A photograph titled "Sky/River (9 a.m.)" The top image is a photograph of the sky, the bottom a photograph of the river. I shot it with a Mamiya and blurred the focus so that the subject plane became an abstract color field.  

I am actually so grateful for this commission, not just because of the money or the auction, but because this summer was spent looking at skies and this project inspired me to notice everyday the color of the sky and to be happy for it. Especially when it's grey, a grey sky is my favorite. That perfect Portland greyblue. 

So. I am on an art high right now. I just sat at an art auction and watched a photograph I made be auctioned off. I don't know how many times I turned to Steele, today, and in the past few weeks, and said, "What if no one buys it?" Sometimes it's just hard when I'm here on this little blog, to imagine or know that what I'm doing is actually worth something. Worth money. Worth acknowledgment. And so tonight I just got pulled up out of my bubble as the amount of money people were willing to pay for this photograph climbed higher and higher and all the way to $4,750. (Granted, it was a large well framed print.) 

I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of people who seemed genuinely interested in what I was doing. Completely overwhelmed by the amount of people who who seemed shocked, and curious, and intrigued when I told them that yes, it was a photograph, and yes isn't it beautiful what the color of the sky does to the color of the river? I didn't even get started about the specific times of day. But oh a 9 a.m. sky is so different from a 3 p.m. sky. So different. Anyways. Back to the bubble. So I was pulled up out of it and in this less than 3 minute time span, this photograph went from being a photograph to being something that people would pay money for. Something that people found valuable. What else could be better than that? I'm walking on air. 

And then, when it was over, and the auctioneer had finally pronounced it sold, There was clapping and cheering, and I got up with my hands in the air, and Arthur DeBow came and kissed me on the cheek, and I accepted many congratulations and felt like a rock star, as it should be, for tonight. 

Here is a very bad image of AJ holding up my piece while it was being auctioned off. See the auctioneer in the background! This was actually taken from a video Steele took. I will have to consult the video on any occasion during which I'm feeling lousy.


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