Friday, February 15, 2013

Instead of going out for Valentine's Day, Steele and I treated ourselves to a new bottle of whiskey (a locally made white whiskey that has a distinctly sweet flavor) some orange bitters, and a coffee liqueur. Strangely, we haven't really needed to buy any alcohol for ourselves because Steele's conveniently been gifted things consistently. We've been staying in more instead of going out though, and ran out of whisky a few weeks ago. Shopping for alcohol is fun, mostly because it's sort of like shopping for glass bottles and nicely designed labeling. I'm pretty pleased with our choices as far as those things go.  

Like a lot of 'important' days, I actually didn't take any photographs on Valentine's Day. These were taken this morning of the flowers Steele bought me. We didn't do big presents, but Steele cleaned up the apartment for when I got home and had the flowers already in a vase on the kitchen table. Valentine's Day is just a day for being extra in love. Also I was the recipient of a rather nice poem by Ali, which is just another sort of love.

I woke up early for a meeting that ended up being cancelled, and had a few morning hours to enjoy. Edited some photographs of a finished thesis piece, read some Harry Potter, and made a smoothie for breakfast. I also had a meeting with Phil, my second advisor, that went really well. I'm not sure when exactly I'll make a thesis-dedicated blog post, but I'm sure it will happen eventually. Anyways, I got home and we went out to get the groceries, had a mild argument just like any other day, and then made dinner and had some new-whiskey drinks.

I like my Valentine.

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