Saturday, February 16, 2013

After some un-blog mentionable events last night, I woke up with feeling sort of like someone had dropped a hallow ball down into my stomach and it had bloomed there. My mind has been spinning in circles around itself all morning and into the afternoon. Lots of things, like fragments of poetry, leading me around my own twisted web. 

I practically ran out of the house this morning, and decided to take myself on a pessimistic photo walk. Just trying to find the least cheerful things to photograph, sort of sad pathetic odes to my own mood. Oddly enough, it cheered me up a little. 

It's pretty early in the day for me to post this. I have a sleepover planned with Ali and Julia tonight, and I'm not quite sure what else the day holds for me. Right now it's sprinkling rain, and the sun is breaking through the clouds. The weather is off and on and mirroring me today. 

Hallow spaces always fill back up, and I'm sure this one will too. 

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