This is how she looks at him

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting engagement photos for a dear friend AJ who's fiancé Jon was in town for the weekend. I've gotten to spend some time with them together before (he lives a state away so they're long-distance until she graduates from OCAC) and really enjoy it so much. I love AJ, and Jon's a funny (and sweet) guy, so it's a good combination.

Honsetly I'm not sure whether engagement and wedding photography is something I want to pursue in the future, but doing it for people I know is awesome. I have seen how this relationship affects AJ and so to be able to document something for them is really amazing. 

This is how she looks at him. They are so in love, she is like a person transformed when he is in town. You can tell how much pressure being in a long-distance relationship puts on everything she does, not only the relationship itself, and it is so nice to see her so happy when he's here. I can't imagine being so far away from Steele for so long, especially with all of the stress from school, and money, not to mention the stresses of navigating a serious relationship. I really admire AJ for how she deals with it. 

(Not all the images for the shoot were black and white, these are just my personal favorites, and I like how they go together. :)

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