Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A study of something completely normal. 

My paper bag, that held a jar on my walk home from work. 

Today was actually a pretty good day, although I accomplished little in regards to thesis. Steele & I got up to class early, and bought some cups from the cup sale! (Which is happening tomorrow still, cups for $10) And then went to class, came home and ate a snack before work. When I left work today it was still light! That has to be the most blissful thing ever. And then I did a quick bit of yoga and cardio, took a shower, and made a really good (albeit really late) dinner for Steele and I. 

Whew. That was an "And then" paragraph. You know the ones... and then, I did this. And then, I did that. But sometimes writing everything out makes me feel accomplished. I do feel pretty accomplished in fact. 

I just wish someone was handing me a cookie right now.

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