Thursday, March 14, 2013

I missed posting yesterday. It's crazy, yesterday was actually a really productive day, but at the end of it I just wasn't up for posting a blog. So, since I feel no true prose will come out of me tonight, how about a list..

Things I did yesterday (Day 272)
-I woke up early to go to work.
-I worked in my studio a little bit in the morning.
-Then Steele was a little bit sad so we went home for lunch and cuddled.
-I picked yellow flowers. (See photos below.)
-I went back to school for an engagement that then fell through,
-Which gave me more time to work.
-Fueled by my gift-like time, I felt motivated.
-And completed a lot more than I thought I would.
-And then felt really good about myself.
-Made a 8:15 bus home.
-Made soup for dinner.
-Watched a few episodes of lost.
-And collapsed into bed around 11 (early for me.)
-While Steele finished a paper.
-I didn't even wake up when he came to bed.

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