Thursday, March 14, 2013

You know what's strange?

That sleep becomes this thing that separates days from each other. But really it links them together. I was thinking about how I needed to post both these blogs today, and then how it was so strange that they were separate blogs, and how sleeping last night would actually be in both of them. Because I woke up feeling really good, I let myself sleep in, and really sleep is the thing that connects our days. But also separates them. It's a strange thing, sleep.

So I don't have any pictures for you.

The truth is there wasn't really a moment about today that sticks out in my mind. Sometimes I have this singular moment that I remember. Today was just a big blur. A good blur, but a blur. Filled with lots of people, and lots of different light. Lots of conversations. Lots of little breezes. (From the spring air.) Lots of laughing, lots of sighing, lots of collecting myself up together and saying, "Okay."

Phil told me today that he thought I was taller than 5'3". I told him maybe I was 5'3½".

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