Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hey look! I actually took a picture today. 

So, the thing is, Steele has a lot of pants. He works at Levi's and comes home with them all the time. He's all like, "Hey honey, I'm home, guess what! I bought a pair of pants!" And then I scoff. Recently he's been trying to beef up his shirt collection. Too many pants, too little shirts. 

Tonight I get into the car, and we're driving along. Then Steele says, "I did something you're going to be mad about." And in my head I'm thinking that he probably bought that video game.... Starcraft? Or something? Usually when Steele has "done something" it means that he's "purchased video games." This time though, he's all like, "I bought more clothes." 

Upon which the only word in my vocabulary becomes, "No." 

And then I mount the defense, after Steele has graciously given me permission to have an opinion about how he spends his money. "We're supposed to be saving for our trip! That shirt could be half of a nice dinner! Do you know, I actually feel guilty for you." And then a little later, my arguments dissolve into, "You never even buy me a candy bar!"

We walk up the stairs, through the apartment. We walk in the door and I see the Levi's bag sitting on the stool, all nice and stapled up, and decide that even though I can't have any say in how many shirts he buys, I will at least get to vigorously rip open the bag. Right as I'm opening it I say, "What if you just told me it was a shirt and really it's a present for me?" 

And then I rip it open. And inside is a dress for me. 

I definitely did not cry. At all. Not even a few springy-leaky tears. You know the kind that just can't help coming out. 


  1. I love the juxtaposition of you and the trees in the photograph. I almost feel like you're attempting to challenge their height! I expect to see a new self portrait in your new dress in the near future! :)

  2. Cutest story! What a good man you've got.


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