Saturday, March 23, 2013

A little change to the header, which is a nod to my new website! I will link here when it is ready for viewers, right now it is bare bones, but I'm pretty excited about it so far.

A website is kind of a big deal for me, I get insecure about those sort of things, worry that people will scoff at me for taking myself so seriously. But. It is time. I have such a huge archives of images, and this blog which is growing ever larger and larger. I need a place for clarity, to see the little images piling onto each other and making a story.

So, it goes.

Also it's professional ;)

Anyways, no pictures today (besides a few shots with the trusty Pentax) so my words will have to suffice, again, as usual.

Oh! Actually, I will post this image from two days ago, that I didn't post (it didn't belong with the images in that post, but maybe it belongs here.)

I am forever having a love affair with tracing paper. 
And also, light.

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